Breitling Spuds Oklahoma Well

Breitling has spud the Breitling-Magnolia #2, the second of two wells in its Breitling-Magnolia prospect in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. The first well, the Magnolia #1, encountered multiple potential pay zones on its way down to its 4,500 feet. The primary objectives of the Magnolia #2 are the Wilcox Sand at 4500', the Simpson Sands at 4400' and the Hunton at 4175'. A secondary objective includes the Earlsboro Sand at 3625'.

The proposed Magnolia #2 well is located within a 240-acre closure mapped at the Simpson and Wilcox Sands and the Hunton Sand at above an estimated total vertical depth of 4,500 feet.

"If this Magnolia #2 trends like the Magnolia #1 we will have another great well here," said Joe Simo, Chief Geologist for Breitling Oil and Gas.

Management anticipates the well will reach total depth in about 7 days. Well completion and testing on the Magnolia #2 well should begin during the first week of April 2011.

Breitling Oil and Gas CEO Chris Faulkner stated, "Most of the geology on Magnolia #2 mimics what we anticipated and now have confirmed after drilling and logging the Magnolia #1." Faulkner added, "Based on the very positive logs on the Magnolia #1 we expect Magnolia #2 to be a producer as well."

Breitling has current oil and gas exploration projects all over the United States.