Carnarvon Drills Duster in Thailand

Carnarvon Petroleum provided the final update on the Krai Thong exploration well, onshore Thailand.

Location / Proposed depth

Krai Thong is located onshore central Thailand in the Phitsanulok basin, around 350 km northwest of Bangkok and 60km south of the Sirikit oil field. The proposed total depth (TD) for this well was 1,425 meters.


Drilling of the well has been completed and final logs, including a wireline formation tester, have been acquired. Krai Thong will be plugged and abandoned and the rig will be released following the completion of operations.

Interpretation of Results

Wireline testing of several zones of potential hydrocarbon bearing intervals have proved water as the mobile fluid and led the joint venture to the decision to plug and abandon the well and defer the drilling of Chalawan.

Forward Plan

Good quality reservoir and competent seals were identified from the exploration wells, as was a fracture network in apparent basement. This information from the drilling of the two wells will be incorporated with previous drilling data into a revised seismic interpretation in order to determine next phase of exploration for this block. The completed well sites, including the unused well site at Chalawan, will be retained by the joint venture for future use.

  • L20/50 Concession Permit Holders
    • Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd (Operator) 50%
    • Sun Resources NL 42.5%
    • Peak Oil & Gas Limited 7.5%