TVI Pacific Spuds Alaskan Well

TVI Pacific, through its wholly owned subsidiary TG World Energy, has spud the North Tarn #1 exploration well located on the North Slope in Alaska, USA. Project operator Brooks Range Petroleum Corporation (“BRPC”), has advised TG World that contracted rig, Nabors' 9ES, spud the North Tarn #1 exploration well on March 13, 2011.

The North Tarn #1 exploration well is located on-shore, approximately two miles west of the Kuparuk River Unit, east of the Miluveach River, on state lease ADL390680. BRPC's contractor, Peak Oilfield Services, has completed construction of a winter ice road and pad system on state-owned lands. The ice road is approximately 4 miles long, beginning at a point west of the Kuparuk River Unit drillsite 2M and traversing west across the tundra to the North Tarn ice pad.

BRPC has indicated that the potential hydrocarbon bearing North Tarn Brookian sands may be reached at approximately 5,000 feet within 20 days and total depth (6,440 feet) of the well will be reached by mid-April. The project joint-venture participants may also drill a sidetrack to the North Tarn #1 well delineating one or both of the targeted Brookian and Kuparuk C sands at an approximate depth of 6,200 feet. A decision to drill a sidetrack will be dependent on the results of the initial North Tarn #1 well.

TVI Pacific holds a 20% interest in the well. Joint venture participants include Alaska Venture Capital Group LLC, Brooks Range Development Corporation, Eni Petroleum US LLC and Ramshorn Investments Inc.