Measuring Sticks: Industry Achievements Earn World Record Status

"To boldly go where no man has gone before" is not just a phrase used in the classic Star Trek title sequence, but a motto that the offshore oil and gas industry has embraced since October 1947 when Kerr-McGee made the first oil discovery drilled out of sight of land at Ship Shoal Block 32 in the Gulf of Mexico.

The following list of world records was compiled using Rigzone's database, and is by no means a complete account of every record set in the realm of E&P. One major project or new tool could alter the information below as soon as it is published. If you have a world record update, please let us know.




World Record: Offshore 3D Production
Company: Geotrace using Dell Marine Seismic Servers
Location: Unknown
Date Set: April 2009


World Record: The Ramform Sovereign deployed a spread of 14 x 8,000 m streamers with 50m streamer separation, which is a world record of 112 km of deployed streamer
Company: Petroleum Geo-Services
Location: Brazil
Date Set: October 2008

CGG Veritas

World Record: Most vibrating points in a single day of 17,011VP
Company: CGGVeritas' JV, Ardiseis
Location: Oman
Date Set: September 2009




World Record: Most cumulative feet tractored in a single well 269,543 ft
Company: Welltec
Location: Canada
Date Set: 2009

World Record: Open hole coiled tubing well tractor operation
Company: Welltec
Location: Saudi Arabia
Date Set: 2004

CGG Schlumberger

World Record: Formation and hydrostatic pressure-while-drilling
Company: Schlumberger
Location: Deepwater GOM
Date Set: July 2009

World Record: Extended reach drilling to 40,320 ft TD. Total step-out distance from the surface location was 35,770 ft
Company: Schlumberger
Location: Offshore Qatar
Date Set: May 2008


World Record: Installation of longest SET® solid expandable liner of 6,935 ft., (pre-expansion length) 7-5/8 x 9-5/8 in.
Company: Enventure Global Technology
Location: GOM
Date Set: July 2009

Statoil Hydro

World Record: Longest producing well in the world drilled 10 km long and almost completely horizontal from an offshore platform
Company: Statoil Hydro
Location: Gullfaks A platform, North Sea
Date Set: April 2008

Exxon Mobile

World Record: Longest measured depth extended-reach drilling of 37,016 of TMD
Company: ExxonMobil
Location: Sakhalin
Date Set: April 2007

Xtreme Coil Drilling

World Record: Drilled a well to 8,125 ft using homogenous 3 1/2 inch coiled tubing in an 8 3/4 inch well bore.
Company: Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp. and EnCana Oil and Gas
Location: DJ Basin, CO
Date Set: March 2007


World Record: Production test in 7,000 ft of water and more than 20,000 ft under the sea floor
Company: Chevron
Location: Jack well, GOM
Date Set: September 2006


World Record: Spudding a well in 10,194 ft of water
Company: Transocean Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2
Location: Offshore India
Date Set: April 2011




World Record: Cementing the longest solid expandable tubular liner of 6,935-ft (pre-expansion length) 7 5/8-in. liner with a shoe depth below 20,000 ft.
Company: BJ Services
Location: GOM
Date Set: December 2009


World Record:

  1. Deepest reeled flowline installation in 9,713 ft of water
  2. Deepest reeled steel catenary riser installation in 8,100 ft of water

Company: Technip
Location: Perdido Development, GOM
Date Set: March 2009


World Record: Mooring record of 8,431 ft
Company: Intermoor
Location: Offshore Malaysia
Date Set: June 2008

Enterprise Products Partners

World Record: Hub is deepest natural gas processing and treating facility in 8,000 ft of water and the largest in terms of capacity, capable of handling up to 1 Bcf/d of natural gas
Company: Enterprise Products Partners
Location: Independence Hub, GOM
Date Set: July 2007

Origin Energy

World Record: Horizontal directional drilling of a shore crossing of 30 km.
Company: Origin Energy
Location: Kupe Gas Project, New Zealand
Date Set: May 2007




World Record: Enhanced vertical deepwater tree system set subsea deepwater completion record of 9,356 ft
Company: FMC Technologies
Location: Silvertip field on Perdido Development, GOM
Date Set: December 2008


World Record: Drilling and completing a subsea well 9,356 ft below the water's surface
Company: Shell
Location: Silvertip field on Perdido Development, GOM
Date Set: December 2008


World Record: Subsea pumps at 2.7 megawatt and a 31 km step-out
Company: Aker Solutions
Location: Tyrihans field in the Norwegian Sea
Date Set: November 2008


World Record: Multiphase pumping technology in 1,800 m of water and an offset of 27 km
Company: Expro/BP
Location: King field, GOM
Date Set: January 2008

Jan De Nul

World Record: Dredging depth in 135 m of water
Company: Jan De Nul
Location: Canada
Date Set: April 2007


World Record: Fiber rope deployment system installation in 2,500 m
Company: Odim
Location: Independence Hub, GOM
Date Set: February 2007

Statoil Hydro

World Record: Deepest hot tap operations on a pressurized pipeline from 800-1100 m deep
Company: StatoilHydro
Location: Ormen Lange, Norwegian Sea
Date Set: August 2009



Eirik Raude

Highest Current Dayrate: $665,000
Rig: Ocean Rig Asa's Eirik Raude semisubmersible
Location: West Africa
Start Date: 02/15/2011
End Date: 10/09/2011

DNV Veritas

World Record: Wellhead removal using water cutting on 270 m depth using vessel instead of rig
Company: Det Norske Veritas
Location: Trolla well, off Norway
Date Set: March 2010

Deepwater Horizon

World Record: Drilled deepest oil and gas well to 35,050 ft TVD and 35,055 ft MD
Company: Transocean Deepwater Horizon
Location: Tiber in GOM
Date Set: September 2009


World Record: Lifeboat freefall drop of 55 m
Company: Schat-Harding
Location: Norway
Date Set: July 2009

Jurong Shipyard

World Record: Completing FPSO, thus commissioning India's first deepwater oil and gas field two years from its discovery
Company: Jurong Shipyard
Location: India
Date Set: June 2008

GSF Rig 127

World Record: Extended reach drilling to 40,320 ft TD. Total step-out distance from the surface location was 35,770 ft
Company: Transocean GSF Rig 127
Location: Offshore Qatar
Date Set: June 2008

Yantai Raffles Shipyard

World Record: Fixed dual-beam gantry crane, with an enormous lifting capacity at 20,000 MT
Company: Yantai Raffles Shipyard
Location: Singapore
Date Set: April 2008


World Record: Mating the 28,000 tonnes topsides to its gravity base, previously placed on the seabed, makes the total height of the PA-B platform 121 m.
Company: Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd
Location: Piltun-Astokhskoye Field, Russia
Date Set: July 2007

The Heerema Balder

World Records: The Heerema Balder installed:

  1. Deepest flow line installation at 9,000 ft
  2. Deepest SCR installation
  3. Longest mooring lines at 2.4 miles each
  4. Deepest suction pile installation at 8,000 ft
  5. Heaviest SCR load (800 MT) on a deepwater floating facility
  6. Deepest in-line future tie-in subsea structure

Company: Heerema
Location: Independence Hub
Date Set: April 2007



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