Breitling O&G Mulls Producer at Tx. Prospect

Breitling O&G announced that the Breitling-South Cadena #1 in Duval County, Texas is being completed as a possible oil and gas producer after reaching a total vertical depth of 5,729 feet.

From log analysis, the well encountered several potentially productive zones over a gross interval in the Yegua 3 Sand formation from 5194 feet to 5199 feet and the Yegua 5 Sand formation from 5383 feet to 5397 feet. Testing and completion plans were finalized March 2 and a completion rig and crew moved into location on March 9, 2011.

Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas, said, "The Yegua 3 and 5 are good producers in the area." Faulkner added, "Our sidewall cores show free-flowing oil through the sands and we are confident we have a good producer here."

Breitling ran a density-neutron log, microlog and an induction log and decided to run pipe based on analysis by Breitling's engineers and geologists as well as Weatherford Laboratories' analysis of the sidewall cores shot in the zones of interest. Joe Simo, Chief Geologist for Breitling Oil and Gas, said, "The South Cadena #1 had great oil shows." Simo added, "We had great fluid content in those zones and the completion should be fairly quick and easy in this area."