Greene Energy Group Says Hello to New VP of Business Development

Greene's Energy Group has named Maury Dumba Vice President of Business Development, announced CEO Bob Vilyus.

Based in the company's Houston office, Dumba will play an active role in developing the company's strategic plan and identifying future growth opportunities for the company through organic expansion and acquisitions. He will lead the company in performing due diligence – evaluating for value, growth and overall fit within the Group – and will oversee the integration of new acquisitions within the company.

"Since Maury's hiring a short time ago, he has been instrumental in facilitating and orchestrating two acquisitions," said Senior Vice President of Operations Gene Garber. "With his leadership, Greene's Energy Group will continue to grow as a business and in its ability to provide quality equipment and services to our clients."

Prior to joining Greene's Energy Group, Dumba served as CEO/President of Cadre Services, Inc. He has also worked for General Electric, Capstone Turbine Company and Schlumberger. Dumba earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.