Trelleborg Unveils New Subsea Vibration Supression System

Trelleborg Offshore has launched an innovative new vortex induced vibration (VIV) system. The high performance T-Strake features a unique modular design enabling more efficient transportation and installation.

James Vultaggio, vice president engineered products, Trelleborg Offshore, commented, "Pipelines unsupported over free spans, such as steel catenary risers and rigid steel flowlines, are prone to VIV fatigue, which can cause serious performance issues such as pipe girth weld failure or premature pipe malfunction. To combat this, the T-Strake comprises overlapping and interlocking moldings, with three-start helical strakes to provide an effective triangular or trapezoidal strake profile."

Trelleborg utilized its vast offshore and VIV knowledge in the design of the T-Strake and carried out extensive computational analysis and physical testing. The system is temperature resistant up to 90°C/ 194°F and is available in a wide choice of colors.

Each section of the system has been designed as a single component, ensuring it is quick and easy to pre-install onshore or install offshore. The design enables the system to be stacked during shipping, ensuring more efficient and cost effective transportation.

Trelleborg's innovative manufacturing process also means the T-Strake can be produced up to six times faster than systems manufactured using traditional rotomolding techniques, ensuring short order times.

Austin Harbison, design engineering technologist, Trelleborg Offshore, added, "The T-Strake was developed in response to market demand for a high quality, cost-effective VIV suppression solution. We utilized an innovative manufacturing technique enabling rapid manufacture, reduced transportation costs and quick installation.

"Working with polymers across a number of technologies and industries, we were able to use our insight and innovation to improve VIV suppression performance using best-value engineered solutions."