Shell Seeks Environmental Approval for Permit WA-384-P

Shell has submitted a referral under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act for a single exploration well in permit WA-384-P, offshore the NW Cape.

The EPBC referral includes:

  • The latest Shell standards on well design and integrity, outlining Shell's approach to minimizing Health, Safety and Environmental risks at the outset
  • Key features of our proposal including our commitment that support vessels will not enter the waters of the Ningaloo Marine Park (unless in an emergency)
  • Our Worst Case Discharge Modeling and Spill Contingency Plans, including a description of our well capping facility we are developing.

The location of the well would be around 50km from the borders of the Ningaloo Marine Park (some 70km from shore) and the duration of the activity is planned to be 60 days (weather permitting).

The well, known as Palta-1, is planned for 2H 2011 (subject to all approvals and rig availability).