Cougar O&G Drills Ahead at Trout HZ Well

Cougar O&G provided an update regarding the drilling progress of the Corporation's first horizontal well in the Trout production area.

Drilling operations for the horizontal well, which is targeting light oil from the Keg River formation, commenced on February 21, 2011. The horizontal well is estimated to take a total of 21 to 25 days to drill.

On March 3 the surface casing and the first intermediate casing string had been landed and cemented, effectively isolating and sealing off the severe lost circulation zones that were identified during the well planning. Currently the drilling rig and auxiliary equipment is being used to drill the 'build' section, which will result in the wellbore being directionally steered to reach 90 degrees or horizontal as it enters the Keg River formation. Once horizontal an 800m production leg will be drilled to produce the Keg River oil. Completion operations will begin as soon as the drilling operations are finished.