Datacom Acquires TanMar

Datacom has acquired the offshore and international operations of TanMar Communications. TanMar is a diversified telecommunications company that provides expert solutions in satellite communications, two-way radio systems, SCADA backhaul and video systems. Included in the acquisition are key personnel and leased facilities located in Larose, LA, a strategic hub for the maritime oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. With the addition of TanMar, Datacom strengthens its ability to help companies better communicate with their remote assets all over the world.

"We're excited about what this means for the customer," said John Poindexter, CEO of Datacom. "Now, more than ever, organizations are getting more strategic about communicating with assets in remote and harsh environments. Not only are we increasing our global capabilities, we'll be joined by the elite service team from TanMar to continue to provide unsurpassed customer support. Helping our customers securely connect with anything, anywhere, anytime, increases efficiency, safety, and morale. Ultimately it's a key differentiator."

"TanMar Communications is proud to announce the sale of all of its offshore assets to Datacom. Along with the assets, Datacom will assume all service to our customers in the Gulf of Mexico and overseas," said Maurice Bledsoe, COO and President of TanMar Companies. "The sale will allow TanMar Communications to better focus on providing world-class communications solutions to our current and future land based customers, while providing our offshore customers with the reliability and global footprint of the Datacom network and service support teams."