Schlumberger Launches New System for Increased Reservoir Exposure

Schlumberger announced the release of its PowerDrive Archer high build rate rotary steerable system (RSS). The system delivers well profiles previously possible only with motors, and with the ROP and wellbore quality of a fully rotating RSS.

The system can drill complex 3D trajectories and openhole sidetracks from any inclination. It can drill vertical and horizontal sections, in one run, with no flat time for trips to change the bottomhole assembly.

"The unique PowerDrive Archer system has repeatedly and consistently drilled high-build rates during field trials in many formations, some wells exceeding 17°/100 ft," said Andy Hendricks, president, Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements. "This unique technology maximizes reservoir exposure, reduces risk and increases potential hydrocarbon production."

Field tests have been run primarily in North America and the Middle East. One Marcellus Shale operator in North America saved more than USD 1 million by eliminating 10 days drilling time per well, in addition to acquiring high-quality wellbores, which facilitated completions. In the Middle East, an operator maintained verticality longer, drilling the 12 ¼-in section faster and pushing kickoff deeper with the higher build rate achieved in the 8 ½-in section.

"The PowerDrive Archer tool is a definite game-changing technology that will dramatically improve drilling efficiencies," said William Bill Lloyd, vice president of operations, Cirque Resources, Denver. "It represents a new tool in the engineer's kit that not only provides immediate improvements to many challenges faced in the well construction environment, but will certainly provide impetus for future technology evolution."

The PowerDrive Archer unique hybrid steering system is a combination of both push- and point-the-bit technologies. This allows the tool to deliver high-build rates from any deviation and do so accurately from vertical.

The control unit comes from PowerDrive X6 RSS, which allows a wider operating envelope and provides greater reliability. All PowerDrive Archer external parts rotate, reducing the risk of mechanical or differential sticking and improving wellbore quality for easier well completion.