PEMEX Hits Production High in January

PEMEX reached its highest production in the last 8 months at 2.584 (MMbd)—an increase also on average volume recorded for 2010.

The increases in output have resulted primarily from the stabilization in production of Cantarell, and from the development of other important projects such as Ku-Maloob-Zaap, Crudo LIgero Marino and Ixtal-Manik, as well from the maintenance of mature fields.

Based on PEMEX's preliminary statistics, 54% corresponds to heavy oil (1.404 MMbd), 33% to light oil (850 Mbd) and the rest corresponds to extra-light oil (330 Mbd).

About 75% of total crude oil production, 1.933 MMbd came from the marine regions in the Gulf of Mexico, 21% or 543 Mbd from the South Region, and the remaining 4% (108 Mbd) from the North Region.

Furthermore, crude oil exports increased by approximately 23% in January, as compared to the same period in 2009, amounting to 1.444 MMbd. This in turn generated income of U.S.$3.791 billion, in cash flow, amount 44% greater to the one recorded in the same period of 2010.

About 81% of it was exported to the Americas, 11% to Europe and the remainder to the Far East.

In terms of natural gas, PEMEX obtained from its fields an average daily volume of 6.892 MMMcf. About 66% corresponds to associated gas and the rest to non-associated gas.

The marine regions contributed with 2.776 MMMcfd, equivalent to 40% of total production, followed by the North Region, with 2.378 MMMcfd, and by the South Region with 1.738 MMMcfd.