Carrizo O&G Bumps Reserve Growth by 40% in 2010

Carrizo O&G announced estimated 2010 production and year-end proved reserves and updates its results from operations.

Proved Reserves and Production

Year-end 2010 estimated proved reserves, as determined by the Company's third-party engineers, grew by 40% year-on-year to a record 842 Bcfe, consisting of 671 Bcf of natural gas, a 31% increase over 2009 levels and 28.5 MMbbls of oil, condensate and NGLs, a 92% increase over 2009.

  • Eagle Ford Shale reserves increased from zero at year-end 2009 to 15 MMboe at year-end 2010
  • 48% of reserves are proved developed

The estimation of these proved reserves was based on a twelve-month average oil price of $76.05 per barrel and a natural gas price of $4.38 per million British thermal units. These prices were 32% higher and 13% higher than the prices used at the end of 2009 for oil and natural gas, respectively.

Carrizo successfully replaced 752% of its estimated 2010 record production of 36.8 Bcfe. Estimated full year 2010 production included:

  • 32 Bcfe from the Barnett Shale, 23% above 2009
  • 10.6 Bcfe from the fourth quarter or 115,830 Mcfe/day, 23% above Q4 2009

The Company's year-end 2010 production exit rate is estimated to have been 133.6 MMcfe/day, consisting of:

  • 125 MMcf/day of natural gas, 36% above the year-end 2009 gas exit rate
  • 1,502 Bbls/day of oil, 320% above the year-end 2009 oil exit rate

"The impact of our strategy to increase our oil production can already be seen in our results," commented Carrizo CEO S.P. "Chip" Johnson IV. "We have made an excellent start on our objective to exit the year 2011 with an oil production rate of over 7,000 gross barrels per day. We expect that the impact of our 2011 oil development drilling plans in both the Eagle Ford and the Niobrara will be increasingly evident during the course of the year, both through increases in overall production and to an even greater degree, through growth in our cash flow as we realize the benefit of the large price disparity between oil and natural gas. We are pleased by the significant progress our Huntington Development Partnership in the North Sea made during 2010. With the receipt of the final development approval by the British Department of Energy and Climate Change and the finalization of our financing arrangements, we were able to book five million barrels of proved North Sea oil reserves at year-end and expect to see initial production from this very significant project in the first quarter of 2012."

Operational Update

Carrizo has recently tested and brought a new well on production in both the Eagle Ford Shale and the Niobrara Formation. In the Eagle Ford Shale of La Salle County, Texas, the Mumme 20H was brought on-line on January 23, 2011 and was immediately connected to sales. Peak 24-hour production was 760 Bopd gross (570 net) and 950 Mcfpd of natural gas (713 net) flowing constrained on an 18/64 inch choke at 1,500 pounds per square inch. The well has averaged 344 net Bopd and 634 net Mcfpd for the most recent week of production while still rate constrained. An additional Eagle Ford well, the Bear Clause 10H is currently being completed. One of the Company's three rigs currently drilling in the Barnett is being prepared to move to the Eagle Ford in early March to initiate a development drilling program on our leases in La Salle County. In the Niobrara Formation in Weld County, Colorado, the Bob White #1 was production tested at 725 Bopd (595 net) and 785 Mcfpd (644 net) over 24 hours ending February 5, 2011. This well is currently producing at 316 net Bopd while flaring 550 net Mcfpd of gas pending connection to a gas sales line. The final Niobrara horizontal well drilled in late 2010, the State 36-24-9-61, is currently scheduled for completion in early to mid-March. The Company recently added a second development drilling rig in the Marcellus Shale of northeast Pennsylvania. A contracted H&P Flex 4S Plus rig initiated development drilling activities in northern Wyoming County in January, joining our Nabors rig drilling in northern Susquehanna County.

At December 31, 2010, there were 20 net horizontal wells in the Barnett Shale drilled but waiting on completion and/or pipeline connection, having a total estimated net initial production rate of 52 MMcfe per day.