Mainland Enlists Schubath to Design, Supervise Frac Treatment at Ms. Well

Mainland has retained the services of Stephen Schubarth, President of Schubarth, Inc., to design and supervise the fracture treatment ("frac") of its Burkley Phillips No. 1 Well in Jefferson County, Mississippi.

Mr. Schubarth has nearly 30 years of experience with companies including Halliburton Energy Services, Chevron U.S.A., Inc., and Arco Oil & Gas. His expertise includes Production and Reservoir Engineering, well completion design and production enhancement.

Notably, Mr. Schubarth consulted directly with Leor Energy on designing the fracture stimulation for its Amoruso Prospect, which was a very successful Bossier Sand play in East Texas. Leor had entered into leases in East Texas in early 2003, and eventually sold its Deep Bossier interests, including the Amoruso Prospect, to a subsidiary of Encana for total proceeds of $2.79 Billion.

Amoruso has several similarities to Mainland's Mississippi Buena Vista Prospect. The gas-bearing reservoir in both areas is within the Late Jurassic period and has a thickness of 2000 to 3000 feet. The succession consists of stacked shales and tight sandstones trapped within a very high pressure, high temperature environment. Amoruso has also been developed using vertical wells with a fracture design and treatment expected to be similar to that needed at Buena Vista.

President and CEO, Mike Newport states, "We are very fortunate to get Steve Schubarth on board to design and manage our fracture treatment. Steve has a lot of experience with designing fracture stimulation for our type of shale formations. He has a track record of success with the design and supervision of fracture treatment in these types of environments, which are similar to our Buena Vista Project."

Mainland and its working interest partners control in excess of 17,800 net acres or 28 sections on the Buena Vista prospect area on which the Burkley Phillips No. 1 well was drilled. As announced on February 16, 2011, the initial shale gas analysis oDn the well demonstrated 331 billion cubic feet of gas in place (290 billion cubic feet free gas in place) per 640 acre section. Post merger, Mainland owns 92% of the 28 sections in the Buena Vista prospect.