TDW Performs Plugging Ops at Nigerian Facility

T.D. Williamson (TDW) has successfully completed a 26-inch hot tap and STOPPLE® plugging operation at a critical loading terminal for tankers in Nigeria.

Over the years TDW has performed many operations to facilitate safe valve replacement on behalf of customers in Nigeria, and throughout Africa. When leakage necessitates a valve change-out, TDW uses its STOPPLE plugging technology to provide safe isolation while the valve is replaced. Such was the case when TDW's customer identified a leaking valve located on a primary 26-inch petrol line at the loading terminal. TDW was brought in to ensure that the affected section would be plugged and safely isolated while the valve was replaced. Because the loading terminal plays a central role in the efficient transport of petrol, it was extremely important that the operation be carried out within a limited shutdown period of no more than 48 hours. TDW set out to complete the entire operation well within this period of time.

Isolation Paves Way for Safe Repair

Following successful completion of the welding phase in June 2010, TDW began preparing for the STOPPLE plugging operation in August 2010. Working in a confined and narrow space, TDW carried out a single position STOPPLE hot tap-plugging operation on the 26-inch line. As a result of careful planning and management, operations at the loading terminal were allowed to run smoothly without interruption, and the line was shut down for only 40 hours.

"We appreciate how crucial it was that the terminal be allowed to operate without disruption while the valve was replaced, so we are extremely pleased that it was achieved with minimal downtime," said Danny Haykal, General Manager-Africa for TDW. "It's very satisfying to offer cost-effective solutions that facilitate repair and maintenance that our customers can trust, knowing that we strive to deliver every solution safely and efficiently," he added.