Spectrum Teams Up with Industry Experts to Launch Suite of New Products

Spectrum has teamed up with leading industry experts on the East Mediterranean to release a unique package of products to enhance exploration knowledge in a region which has seen three recent gas discoveries.

The Dalit and Tamar successes and the recently announced Leviathan discovery have intensified exploration interest in the Eastern Mediterranean. Spectrum's Multi-Client seismic data contributed to all three of these recent discoveries. Spectrum's Multi-Client library includes an extensive package of modern 2D seismic data and a variety of supporting technical reports relating to the East Mediterranean.

This new, comprehensive suite of products has been christened "East Med 2011" and encompasses over 22,000 km of exceptional quality 2D Multi-Client seismic data, a Well Data report, a detailed analysis of offshore Lebanon geology, a Lebanese country guide and a three-day training course on 'Applied Deepwater Exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean'.

The Petroleum Geology of Offshore Lebanon report recently compiled by ATenergy is now available. The report provides in-depth interpretation of the regional geology and tectonics of offshore Lebanon. It also contains seismically derived mapping of offshore Lebanon and analysis of the recent Noble discoveries. In addition, ATenergy has commissioned a Lebanon country report outlining the political and social aspects of the country as well as giving information on relevant government departments and procedures.

Spectrum's Well Data report contains valuable well and calibration data through detailed stratigraphy (biostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy), well logs, pressure tests and drilling results. It focuses on 9 key wells in the region.

Finally, the training course, designed for those with technical knowledge within the seismic industry, provides practical instruction on the application of deepwater exploration technology, from the basin to the prospect scale. Delivered through a series of lectures and role-model exercises, attendees will tackle real-world industry data from the Eastern Mediterranean and be challenged to create hypothetical work programs for a competitive bid round exercise.