Gran Tierra Charges Ahead in South America

Gran Tierra announced an operations update for Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.


Moqueta Field, Chaza Block (100% working interest and Operator)

Initial drilling and logging results have been obtained from the Moqueta-4 delineation well located approximately 1.5 kilometers to the west of the Moqueta-1 discovery well in the Chaza Block of the Putumayo Basin. Oil shows were recorded throughout the Villeta U Sandstone, the Villeta T Sandstone and the Caballos formations, with electric logs and RFT pressure data indicating total potential net oil pay in Moqueta-4 of approximately 125 feet, compared to 118 feet in the Moqueta-3 and 44 feet in the Moqueta-2 delineation wells. As a result of these initial indications of increased oil pay, a test program is being conducted to confirm the fluid content and productivity of the encountered reservoirs. This test program, which commenced on January 27, 2011, is expected to be completed in early March of 2011.

To date, no oil-water contact has been identified from the available data, nor has there been any indication that gas is present in any of the reservoirs at Moqueta-4. Subject to successful testing and subsequent delineation drilling, there remains potential for additional oil down-dip. Additional delineation drilling is being planned for 2011 to further evaluate the extent of this oil discovery. In addition, a 115 square kilometer 3D seismic survey is being permitted and will be acquired over areas not currently covered by 3D to help determine the areal extent of the field.

Final design of the Moqueta to Costayaco 6 inch, 8 kilometer pipeline is currently underway with environment permitting completed. Gran Tierra Energy anticipates construction will start mid-February, 2011 with an anticipated completion date and start of long-term testing of the Moqueta field in May 2011.

Costayaco Field, Chaza Block (100% working interest and Operator)

Drilling operations have concluded on the Costayaco-12 and -13 development wells, which were drilled as infill production wells to test the respective northern and southern extensions of the Costayaco field. Completion and testing has commenced at Costayaco-12. Production from the Costayaco-12 and -13 wells is intended to assist in maintaining production plateau at the Costayaco field; these will be converted to water-injectors to assist with pressure maintenance in the field later in the Costayaco field life.

Pacayaco Prospect, Chaza Block (100% working interest and Operator)

A new well, or a sidetrack of the existing well in the Pacayaco prospect, is expected to spud late in the second quarter of 2011. Newly acquired 3D seismic data suggests that a new drilling location may be required to direct the well to the intended down-hole location that was targeted on 2D seismic by the recently drilled Pacayaco-1 exploration well.

Canangucho Prospect, Chaza Block (100% working interest and Operator)

The exploration well Canangucho-1, located east of the Costayaco Field, began drilling on February 10, 2011. Canangucho-1 is targeting the same reservoirs present in the Costayaco and Moqueta oil fields. Drilling is expected to take approximately one month.

Juanambu Field, Guayuyaco Block (70% Working Interest and Operator)

Civil construction work for the Juanambu-3 development well in the Guayuyaco Block in the Putumayo basin is ongoing and approximately 90% complete. Juanambu-3 is anticipated to begin drilling in early March and take approximately one month to drill.

Taruka Prospect, Piedemonte Sur Block (100% working interest and Operator)

The Taruka-1 exploration well reached total depth on February 7, 2011. The target reservoirs were encountered, but with only poor oil shows. The well was plugged and abandoned.

Colombia Operations Update

The Ecopetrol-operated Trans-Andean oil pipeline, through which Gran Tierra Energy sales oil is transported from the Putumayo Basin, has been working at reduced capacity due to maintenance at the Tumaco Port crude offloading terminal in the Pacific Coast city of Tumaco. The port was offline from approximately December 28 to February 7, 2011. During this period, Gran Tierra Energy continued production at reduced volumes of approximately 60% of capacity in the Putumayo Basin, with a portion of oil volumes being exported by pipeline through Ecuador as well as by truck within Colombia. On February 8, 2011, transportation through the same Trans-Andean pipeline was halted as a disruption occurred in the line. The pipeline was restored on February 14, 2011. Gran Tierra Energy's sales for the month of January averaged approximately 12,200 barrels of oil per day, net after royalty, before the recent disruption of the Trans-Andean oil pipeline.


On February 8, 2011 drilling operations commenced on the Kanatari-1 exploration well on Block 128. Drilling is expected to conclude in late February, with results expected in March. The drilling rig is expected to mobilize to drill a second exploration well this year in the adjacent Block 122.

In addition, an application for regulatory approval of the acquisition of a 60% interest in Block 95 has been submitted to PeruPetro S.A. for approval. Gran Tierra Energy has budgeted one exploration well on the block in the fourth quarter of 2011. The contract area contains the previously drilled Bretaña-1 well, which was drilled in 1974 and tested 18° API gravity oil on natural flow rates of approximately 800 barrels of oil per day.


In the Valle Morado gas field, sidetrack drilling operations on the VM.x-1001 delineation well will be suspended due to a number of operational challenges that have been encountered. Gran Tierra Energy continues to review alternatives associated with the field development.


An application for approval of the acquisition of a 70% interest in Blocks REC-T-129, -142, -155 and -224 in the on-shore Recôncavo Basin, Brazil has been submitted for regulatory approval from Brazil's Agência Nacional de Petróleo Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis ("ANP"). The ANP is presently reviewing Gran Tierra Energy's request to be recognized as an operator in Brazil. The budgeted 2011 drilling program on Blocks REC-T-129, 142 and 155 consists of four exploration and two development wells.