WAPCo Selects Flow-Cal for Managing Measurement Ops

Flow-Cal announced that the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) has selected FLOWCAL Enterprise to manage and streamline their measurement operations. The West African Gas Pipeline Company, headquartered in Accra, Ghana, owns and operates the West African Gas Pipeline. Chevron is a primary shareholder in WAPCo through its affiliate company, the Chevron West African Gas Pipeline Ltd.

WAPCo realized the importance of accurate measurement on its new pipeline. With the FLOWCAL Enterprise system, WAPCo is able to identify and correct key anomalies from both a volumetric and gas quality perspective. Just as importantly, the system also provides hourly, daily and monthly system balances which include the calculation of the line-pack inventory.

"As a startup company we needed a tool with extensive reporting capabilities that can easily communicate with our Gas Management System. Flow-Cal's system allows us to properly manage our system with ease and accuracy," stated Billy Mann, Gas Control -Chevron.

New developments have been implemented in the FLOWCAL Enterprise application to meet the system requirements of WAPCo as specified by the International Standards Organization (ISO). FLOWCAL now fully supports the ISO 5167-2003 calculation method for orifice meters as well as bar and millibar pressure units.

"These enhancements, along with our involvement with the American Petroleum Institute (API), will serve to strengthen our position of leadership in the industry and gain recognition as a global solution," added Duane Harris, Flow-Cal's Vice President of Sales and Support.