Empyrean: Obstruction Removed, Flow Rates to Improve at Riverbend

Empyrean provided an update on operations at the Riverbend Project in Texas.

Cartwright-1H well

Empyrean has been advised by the operator that a coiled tubing unit was brought in to carry out a cleanout operation on the Cartwright-1H well. During a routine milling operation using the coiled tubing unit prior to the cleanout operation the mill tagged up on an obstruction in the hole at 13,641' measured depth. The obstruction was unable to be milled through. The obstruction has not at this stage been identified. At that stage and because the Baker Hughes cleaning fluids had already been delivered, could not be returned and had only a few days of effectiveness it was decided that the fluids be pumped into the well bore in any case in the hope that they would still have some effectiveness.

Following the pumping operation the well was allowed to clean up and was flowed at first to the flare pit before being turned back to the sales line.

Well production following the cleanout operation appears the same as before the cleanout with no real change.

The operator has formed the view that the obstruction is acting as a down hole choke and is limiting production. It is also likely that the cleanout fluids did not reach the desired zone to effectively cleanout the well bore as planned.

The operator plans to consult with a cased hole expert to determine the options to remove the obstruction. In the meantime the well is flowing to sales at rates averaging 500,000-600,000 cubic feet of gas per day.

The operator is optimistic that the obstruction can be located, sized and removed to allow an effective cleanout operation to proceed and enable improved flow rates to be achieved.

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