Mainland Preps Shale Gas Analysis at Burkley-Phillips Well

Mainland Resources has now received all of the well log and core data necessary for Schlumberger to prepare a comprehensive Shale Gas Analysis on its Burkley-Phillips No. 1 well in Jefferson County, Mississippi.

Mainland is anticipating receiving the results of the Shale Gas Analysis in the near future.

The Shale Gas Analysis, when incorporated with the core laboratory results, will provide a key insight into the gas prospectivity of the Bossier/Haynesville interval encountered and will also be used to design the flow test and the completion of the well.

CEO Nick Atencio stated, "We are pleased to be able to combine the core data with industry state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to deliver a comprehensive look at the prospectivity of this promising Bossier/Haynesville interval and to compare these results with the positive gas indicators we encountered while drilling the well."