Landmark Releases Well Seismic Fusion

Landmark Graphics Corporation has released DecisionSpace Well Seismic Fusion™, a suite of interpretation and analysis tools for predicting reservoir rock properties from prestack seismic data, synthetic data and well data. Working closely with Statoil, Landmark developed Well Seismic Fusion to leverage the rich information content contained in prestack seismic data to build earth models and more accurately predict reservoir lithology and fluids. This unique technology provides a highly integrated interpretation environment enabling interpreters and other asset team members to improve reservoir understanding and dramatically reduce exploration risk.

"Landmark is committed to working closely with our customers to develop integrated solutions to address E&P challenges," said Andy Lane, president, Landmark. "Well Seismic Fusion delivers innovative tools that will enable our customers to generate prospects more rapidly and predict reservoir properties more confidently."

"Prestack seismic data has a dimension of information that is lost in traditional stacked seismic volumes," said John Granli, program manger of exploration research, Statoil, "Integrated access to prestack seismic data is crucial to our ability to more accurately resolve and predict reservoir fluid and rock properties."

Landmark worked together with Statoil, an industry leader in lithology and fluid prediction, to develop an integrated approach to prestack seismic data interpretation that will enable asset teams to achieve cross discipline synergy and more accurately model and characterize reservoir properties away from the wellbore. Well Seismic Fusion, built on Landmark's next generation DecisionSpace™ platform, is integrated with SeisWorks® workflows and OpenWorks® data management, enabling interpreters to be more productive, reduce prospect generation cycle time and provide improved risk assessment for complex prospects.

"Landmark is uniquely positioned to integrate prestack seismic data into core interpretation workflows," said Murray Roth, executive vice president, Marketing and Systems, Landmark. "Prestack seismic interpretation with direct access to well information combined with the ability to model various reservoir scenarios provides geoscientists a better way to extract value from seismic data."