Heritage Says Turaco-2 Well Taking Longer than Expected

Heritage Oil said that its Turaco-2 well in Uganda has reached a measured depth of 2,422 meters. Directional drilling operations were commenced at a depth of 2,048 meters, to target the primary objective, the Kisegi Sandstone reservoir, at an optimal subsurface location. However, this slim-hole directional drilling program has taken longer to execute than was anticipated, such that the timing estimates for the well have been revised.

"The critical part of the directional drilling has been completed successfully," said Heritage Chairman and CEO, Micael Gulbenkian. "We now anticipate that the Turaco-2 well will reach the Kisegi Sandstone objective during the next two to three weeks."

The Turaco-1 well drilled last year indicated that the Kasande Shale, which is believed to be the principal regional seal, is located at a true vertical depth (TVD) of 2,430 meters, but the thickness of this shale can only be estimated from nearby outcrop exposure.

Therefore, the Kisegi Sandstone reservoir, which was not penetrated in Turaco-1, but is known from an outcrop to lie directly below the Kasande Shale, may be encountered at a TVD of between 2,500 and 2,750 meters, or possibly deeper. Turaco-1 was suspended at a depth of 2,487 meters TVD after encountering shows of live oil and higher order gases as it penetrated the Kasande Shale seal, which has caused Heritage to mobilize equipment in anticipation of testing the Turaco-2 well.