Prospectiuni Appoints Executive VP

Prospectiuni announced the appointment of Andrew Clark as Vice President for Business Development, Marketing and Strategy. Andrew's primary mission will be to identify and negotiate new markets and opportunities for Prospectiuni's broad range of geophysical and geological services. Andrew will also assist to broaden the current client base with the introduction of new services.

Andrew has 30 years of experience in the international geophysical industry. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics and Geophysics from the University of Brighton (UK) in 1980 his career has included technical and management positions in a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East, including the Sudan, Tanzania, Yemen, Abu Dhabi, culminating in being Managing Director of
United Geophysical in Nigeria.

Andrew has held the positions of Regional Vice President (Europe, Africa & Middle East) for Grant Geophysical where he initiated entry into new markets, General Manager of Worldwide Business Development for Petroleum Geo-Services' Onshore group where he re-established the shallow water capabilities of PGS and most recently as Director of Business Development at Geokinetics where he
had a leading role in integrating PGS Onshore into the Geokinetics organization. Andrew brings a wealth of experience to Prospectiuni in the leadership of multi-disciplinary teams, strategic planning and organizational development necessary to achieve international business growth and will be based at the head office in Bucharest, Romania.

Tim Branch will assume the title of VP, International Operations. Tim has successfully developed international seismic operations in Portugal, Morocco and other areas and will continue to be involved in international business development.