Sea Dragon: Demonstrations Have Little or No Impact on Field Ops

Sea Dragon provided commentary on the latest developments in Egypt.

Our company is closely monitoring the latest developments in Egypt. Street demonstrations are restricted to major cities and therefore have little or no impact on the company's field operations in Kom Ombo and NW Gemsa.

Production from both concessions is continuing uninterrupted with Sea Dragon's W.I. share running steady at 1350-1400bopd.
The NW Gemsa and Kom Ombo Concessions are desert located and lie considerable distance from urban areas and therefore all company assets and facilities are secure and unaffected by recent disturbances.

In Kom Ombo because of the remoteness of the area, the company is experiencing some shortages in supplies and therefore the drilling and service rigs have temporarily been placed on stand-by until regular transportation of goods and services resumes.

We are in constant communication with our personnel in Cairo and they are all safe and are continuing to carry on their daily duties.