HPG Notes Renovation Plans for Kingsbury, Baker 8 Fields

High Plains Gas (HPG) announced a progress report for their Kingsbury field and Baker 8 field renovation plans.

  • Kingsbury Field -- HPG completed the rework on 33 newly acquired idle wells. It is expected that the company will be selling gas out of these wells by February 1, 2011.
  • Barker 8 Field -- HPS completed the rework on well 11-85174 CY. With the rework, they increased production from 80 Mcf to 150 Mcf as of January 19, 2011.

Greg Greenough, VP of Operations, commented, "Our revitalization of these newly acquired wells in Kingsbury and Barker 8 fields continues along successfully. HPG was able to transform an additional 34 previously idle wells into producing wells in just over two months and with much less cost than drilling a new well, quite an accomplishment. With our large inventory of idle wells, we look forward to updating our partners and investors as we continue to increase our production capacity by bringing more wells online and increasing the capacity of our already producing wells."