Greene's Energy Offers Testing, Certification of BOPs

Greene's Energy Group is now offering third-party testing of blow out preventers and associated equipment for the purpose of certification in compliance with the new regulations issued by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE).

Greene's has been a leader in BOP testing for more than 50 years; and recently, its work has been commended by the BOEMRE for thoroughness with submitted reports being promptly approved.

Using the latest in digital testing technology to ensure accurate results, Greene's can provide testing services for all types of BOPs and associated equipment.

All data and testing results are recorded independently by a technician and a certified Professional Engineer and compared to ensure accuracy. Once results are verified, Greene's prepares a comprehensive report for the client to submit to the BOEMRE for approval. These reports include all state-of-the-art data required by the BOEMRE for certification, as well as basic images, charts and calculations.

"New regulations have made it even more important to work with a service company that provides accurate and dependable results," said Shawn Ellis, Gulf of Mexico Director. "Experience, knowledge, quality products and equipment and a commitment to safety contribute to successful BOP testing. That's how Greene's helps provide safer work environments while reducing downtime."

In addition, Greene's can provide services to certify the entire pressure containing system, as required by BOEMRE regulations.