Rockhopper Spuds Well near Sea Lion Area

Rockhopper Exploration spudded the 14/10-3 exploratory well using the Ocean Guardian semisub, on Jan. 13, 2011. The well, located on the undrilled northern lobe of the Sea Lion fan system, will also penetrate the distal, downdip portion of the newly-identified and underyling S2 fan body.

Drilling operations should take about 38 days to reach a total depth of 9,843 feet (3,000 meters). The well is situated 5 miles (8 kilometers) northwest of the Sea Lion 14/10-2 discovery well on License PL032. Rockhopper operates the license, holding a 100% interest. Once drilling ends, Rockhopper will drill an appraisal well, 14/10-4, on the southern lobe of the Sea Lion fan system within the Discovery Area, before the rig is released.

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