Devon Selects A2D to Provide Integrated Log Data Services

A2D Technologies has signed a multi-year agreement with Devon Energy to provide a broad suite of integrated well log data products, software tools and services.

Under the terms of the agreement, Devon gained full access to A2D's complete commercial well log data store in the United States. In addition, A2D will host the Company's proprietary log data and will integrate LOG-LINE Plus!(R) into the Devon computing environment for secure online access to both data sets. A2D will provide on-site management of Devon's new-drill and legacy well log data, as well as a corporate-wide license to A2D's desktop well log correlation software, smartSECTION(R).

"This agreement affirms Devon's data management services model for the future," said Pratt Barndollar, chief geophysicist at Devon Energy Corporation. "It is a natural extension of A2D's past services to Devon and is in line with our intent to streamline data access for our interpreters."

"With the strategic goal of increasing exploration success, leading companies like Devon are looking to A2D for an integrated well log solution," said Rod Starr, executive vice president Sales & Marketing A2D Technologies. "This agreement is a strong affirmation of our online data store and data management services model. A2D has provided Devon with service and data management for several years and this relationship is further strengthened through the use of LOG-LINE Plus! as a primary well log data storage environment at Devon."