Dana Discovers Gas Offshore Mauritania

Dana Petroleum has discovered gas at the Cormoran-1 exploration well. During a production test of one of the four separate gas columns, the well flowed gas at a stabilized rate of 22 and 24 MMcf/d on a 32/64-inch choke. The well reached a total depth of 15,404 feet (4,695 meters) by the Maersk Deliverer semisub in a water depth of 5,348 feet (1,630 meters).

The well's purpose was to test the Cormoran prospect, which adjoins but lies at a greater depth than the Pelican discovery, stated Dana. A secondary exploration objective was the Petronia prospect, which lies beneath the Cormoran prospect.

An additional objective of the well was to provide appraisal information on the Pelican gas discovery. Cormoran-1 encountered thin but good quality, gas-bearing sands within the Pelican group at depths between 11,076 and 12,175 feet (3,376 and 3,711 meters). This interval comprised two gas columns, one in the Upper Pelican Group [11,076 to 11,220 feet (3,376 to 3,420 meters)] and one in the Lower Pelican Group [12,110 to 12,175 feet (3,691 to 3,711 meters)].

Furthermore, gas-bearing sands were also encountered within the Cormoran prospect, in the gross interval from 14,275 to 14,669 feet (4,351 to 4,471 meters), and at the top of the Petronia prospect, in the gross interval from 15,289 to 15,404 feet (4,660 to 4,695 meters). Drilling ended at a depth of 15,404 feet (4,695 meters) for operational reasons, which was still in a gas-bearing section.

The well, located in Block 7 offshore Mauritania, was plugged and abandoned for future re-entry. Dana operates the block in West Africa.

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