Coastal Preps to Sidetrack Songkhla Well

The Songkhla A-12 sidetrack well has made a new discovery east of the recent discovery Songkhla A-09 well. The A-12 well encountered pay zones in both the Oligocene and Eocene reservoirs. Analysis of the data indicates both reservoirs are separated from the Songkhla Main reservoir by a 400 foot (122 meter) fault.

The A-12 well encountered 32 meters (105 feet) of net pay in the Oligocene section with 20% porosity and 43 feet (13 meters) of net pay in the Eocene section with 19% porosity. Coastal's oil-in-place estimate for this newly discovered Oligocene reservoir is more than 20 million barrels.

Once the well is completed, Coastal is planning to sidetrack the previously drilled Songkhla A-07 well targeting the reservoir discovered by the Songkhla A-09 well. Songkhla is located on Block G5/43, and the field is wholly owned and operated by Coastal Energy.

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