American Petro-Hunter Preps to Drill Well at North Oklahoma Project

American Petro-Hunter has finalized plans for the next oil well to be drilled at the North Oklahoma Project. The well has been designated NOS227 and is planned for a depth of 4,000 feet.

NOS227 will be a vertical well that is a direct offset to the recently completed commercial oil well at the NOJ26 location. The new well is taking advantage of a favorable oil producing geological trend up dip and to the west where the productive Woodford and Mississippi Formations are the primary objective. The location also offers excellent potential in the Simpson and Wilcox formations. A multiple objective well minimizes risk given the four potentially productive horizons.

The Company has received an A.F.E. (Authority for Expenditure) from the operator for a 50% working interest in the upcoming well. The planned spud date will be announced shortly as soon as the schedule can be confirmed with the drilling contractor. Given that the No. 1 well and the NOJ26 well responded to acidization and fracture stimulation of the oil reservoirs, the Company expects that a similar completion programs will be implemented on the NOS227 well. The production target for this well is in the 125 to 150 BPD range; however, if multiple objectives are all productive, rates may be higher.