Tartan Energy Encounters Oil in Silver Oak No. 2 Well

Tartan Energy reports that drilling of the Silver Oak No. 2 well located in California began on December 26, 2003. The first string of casing has now been set and drilling is resuming.

The Silver Oak No. 2 well was cased to a depth of 1,060 feet after running a suite of logs. The well has so far encountered strong oil shows from the shallow Etchegoin formations and very strong oil and natural gas shows in the Etchegoin W5 oil sand. The logs confirmed potential pay zones in a number of the Etchegoin formations at depths where the strong oil and gas shows were encountered. The Etchegoin formations were encountered almost as forecast, over 130 feet higher structurally, compared to the Silver Oak No. 1 well. Drilling is continuing to the base of the McDonald Shale formation, where another string of casing will be set. The McDonald Shale directly overlies the Temblor/Devil Water sands where a drill stem test to gather more technical data is planned before drilling is resumed through the Upper Carneros, Middle Carneros, Lower Carneros and Aqua sand intervals. All of these formations are potentially productive intervals above the targeted Bloemer and Belridge 64 sands.