American Petro-Hunter Pumps First Oil at NOJ26 Well

American Petro-Hunter announced that the NOJ26 oil well went on pump as of December 23rd at the North Oklahoma Project and is now in production. This is the second producing oil well at the project.

The well completion program is now finished having undergone a light fracture stimulation ("frack") and acidization of the upper Mississippi oil pay zone formation. Prior to the frack, the 40 foot pay zone was successfully tested and showed an oil cut of over 40% light oil which is now steadily increasing following the completion of the acid treatment.

The well will require several days in order to establish a stable production rate as the remaining frack fluid load will be pumped off during this period. Once fluid removal is complete, the daily oil production rate can be established, which is currently anticipated for an initial production rate (I.P.) in excess of 125 BPD. Ultimately, the true test of the well will be the actual quantity of oil sent to the tanks over the upcoming weeks as it is expected that this early flash of oil will be followed by a period of well stabilization.

As reported earlier, the Company has engineered the next offset location near the NOJ26 and will be announcing a near term spud date sometime in January. With several high quality Mississippian and Woodford development locations engineered as well as exploration locations on the Company's leases, American Petro-Hunter is currently finalizing the 2011 drilling program and will update stakeholders when plans are complete.