Canadian Superior Makes New Gas Discoveries In Alberta, Canada

Canadian Superior Energy Inc. of Calgary, Alberta announced two new natural gas discoveries located at Earring in North West Alberta and in an undisclosed location in Central Alberta.

Canadian Superior has successfully completed the drilling and testing of two new exploration wells. The first well located in the Earring area of North West Alberta was production tested at flow rates between 1.0 to 2.89 mmcf/d of natural gas with an average final stabilized rate of 2.28 mmcf/d. The second well tested at rates between 1.0 to 3.2 mmcf/d of natural gas with approximately 15 barrels/mmcf/d of natural gas liquids. The exact location of the Central Alberta well is being kept confidential pending upcoming land sales and land negotiations in the area. Tie-in operations are currently underway at both locations with several follow-up locations planned in both of these new exploration areas, with the first follow-up well to commence drilling near the end of June.