Brigham Completes Bakken Wells

Brigham Exploration Company announced the completion of five high rate Bakken wells at an average early 24-hour peak flow back rate of 3,085 barrels of oil equivalent. To date, Brigham has completed 45 consecutive high frac stage, long lateral Bakken and Three Forks wells in North Dakota at an average early 24-hour peak flow back rate of 2,810 barrels of oil equivalent. Brigham also provided an update on its drilling and completion activities in the Williston Basin.

Williston Basin Operated Drilling and Completion Update

Brigham's accelerated development of its acreage in North Dakota and Montana is proceeding with three operated rigs drilling in Rough Rider, three operated rigs drilling in Ross and one operated rig drilling in Richland County, Montana. Brigham's eighth operated rig is currently expected to arrive in May 2011.

Brigham currently has two wells flowing back, two wells fracing and eight wells waiting on completion. Brigham anticipates fracing the Swindle 16-9 #1H located in Roosevelt County, Montana early in the first quarter 2011. Shortly thereafter, Brigham will frac the Johnson 30-19 #1H, which is located in Richland County, Montana.

In the first quarter 2011, Brigham expects to add additional fracture stimulation capacity thereby providing access to two fully dedicated frac crews focused on completing Brigham operated horizontal wells in the basin. At that time, Brigham estimates that approximately eight wells per month will be fracture stimulated and brought on line to production.

Bud Brigham, the Chairman, President and CEO, commented, "2010 has been a year of incredible transformation as we rapidly increased our operated rig count from four to seven rigs and we've seen our production, and most importantly our high value crude oil production, grow to record levels."

Bud Brigham continued, "We expect 2011 to be equally if not more exciting than 2010. We expect to add our eighth rig in May 2011 and to have two fully dedicated frac crews running in the first quarter 2011. In the interim, we're actively working to develop an executable plan to increase our rig count further in order to accelerate drilling in one of the most exciting and economic oil resource plays in the United States. Furthermore, we are optimistic that we can add to our already extensive development drilling inventory with our Montana Bakken and Rough Rider Three Forks drilling and completions during the first half of 2011. During 2011 we also anticipate the potential confirmation of the opportunity to drill four or more wells per spacing unit with our infill drilling program, striving towards our goal of 'No Oil Left Behind.'"

About Brigham Exploration

Brigham Exploration Company is an independent exploration, development and production company that utilizes advanced exploration, drilling and completion technologies to systematically explore for, develop and produce domestic onshore oil and natural gas reserves.