Vast Resumes Qara Dagh Drilling

Vast Exploration Inc.  is pleased to provide the following update on the drilling progress of the Qara Dagh - 1 Exploration Well.

The Company has recently successfully installed an 11 3/4 inch intermediate casing string cemented to 2,100 meters. As previously reported, this was deemed necessary to deal with the unexpected thick and unstable Tertiary formation. Drilling operations have resumed and the immediate go forward program is to continue drilling to the next casing point, which is expected to be at the top of the first prospective Cretaceous formation. The Cretaceous formations are the primary drilling target of this well and comprised of three potential reservoirs with the uppermost being the Shiranish followed by the Kometan and Qamchuga formations. The Company does not believe that the instability issues encountered previously will persist once the well enters the potential Cretaceous reservoirs.

Vast Exploration Inc. is an independent oil and gas company. Vast is focused on the exploration and development of its principal asset, the Qara Dagh Block, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The Qara Dagh Block lies on trend with existing discoveries and is located in the prolific Zagros Fold Belt of Northern Iraq, which contains several large fields including the super-giant Kirkuk field.