Maersk To Replace Piping AT Dan Field

Maersk reported that it would replace some of the high-pressure piping at its Dan Field located in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The decision follows an investigation after a gas explosion at Maersk’s third-largest field, Gorm, on May 20, 2001, caused by corrosion in a high-pressure pipe from a gas compressor.

The blast has led to a comprehensive investigation of all North Sea installations, especially high-pressure piping. Upon further inspection, some pipes have been found at Dan Field that will need replacing. Production will not need to closed for pipe replacement. Production is still on hold at Gorm and its four satellite fields Halfdan, Skjold, Rolf and Dagmar, which in April accounted for 40 percent of the Danish Underground Consortium`s (DUC) total production of 302,200 bpd.

The Danish Energy Agency said reports from Gorm showed the corrosion - leading to the blast - was a result of injection of scavenger, a product preventing gas from turning sour. Maersk hopes to resume production at the Halfdan field by connecting the field to a different network. Halfdan produced 43,100 bpd in April. Moeller`s North Sea oil output was down 8.8 percent year on year in May, but up 4.7 percent in the January-May period.