Universal Bacteria Specialist Develops New Green Biocide

Universal Bacteria Specialist (UBS) today announced the launch of a new Anolyte product to eliminate bacteria from the hydraulic fracturing of wells. This environmentally friendly biocide contains no harmful products and is 100 percent biodegradable.

UBS' new Electro-Chemical Activation Technology (ECAT) Anolyte achieved a superior bacteria kill count when tested in the fracing process of 10 wells located in the Barnett Shale and West Texas. The product also received the only perfect score in a major oil company's 13-point environmental checklist, compared to all other major chemical suppliers for bacteria control.

Depending on the impurities of the source water used for fracing, UBS' ECAT Anolyte typically only requires 0.5 gallons to one gallon of Anolyte for each 1,000 gallons of water injected into the formation. The product loadings are significantly reduced from other Anolyte treatments previously used by another biocide supplier, which require eight to 25 gallons of product per thousand gallons of water to achieve a satisfactory bacteria kill rate.

"The use of this Green product is an important advancement for utilization in the fracing process," said George Sanford, founder of UBS. "As the oil industry is faced with growing pressure from both the public and regulatory authorities to protect citizens from the potential contamination of fresh water reservoirs, our ECAT Anolyte provides the industry with a clean, biodegradable biocide alternative that is safe for humans and the environment."

The Anolyte is produced via an ECAT process in UBS' Richmond, Texas, facility under license from a Medipure Ltd. patented process. The process utilizes a unique cell membrane technology, which creates a pure ECAT Anolyte with a shelf life that exceeds six months. This is another feature unique to UBS' Anolyte. Most other Anolyte producers must manufacture their product on the well site due to rapid product deterioration. As a result of the UBS Anolyte's long shelf life, the need for space formerly required for on-site manufacturing is eliminated.

The same technology that is proving successful in hydraulic fracturing has also been expanded to include squeeze treatments. Over 20 wells to date that have experienced severe corrosion of the tubing have seen a significant reduction in hydrogen sulfide due to UBS' Anolyte.

Based in Richmond, Texas, Universal Bacteria Specialists produce environmentally friendly biocides to treat water used for the fracturing of oil and gas wells. The Anolyte is produced via an ECAT process in UBS' Richmond, Texas, facility under license from a Medipure Ltd. patented process. UBS' ECAT Anolyte manages bacteria, protecting fracturing fluids and gels to ensure better well performance. Anolyte removes slime build-up from pipes, eliminating corrosion. Once UBS' ECAT Anolyte has fully degraded, it leaves no ecological damage to well sites or the local water table. For more information, go to www.universalbacteria.com.