Ecopetrol Affiliate Appoints New General Manager

Ecopetrol announced that the Board of Directors of Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia has appointed Mr. Fernando Gutierrez as General Manager, who until now has been serving as General Manager of Oleoducto de Colombia S.A.

Mr. Fernando Gutierrez is a civil engineer with post-graduate studies in Pipeline and Downstream Technology. He has 40 years of experience in positions related to hydrocarbon transport, among them: General Manager at Oleoducto de Colombia (10 years), Vice President of Refining at Ecopetrol (1 year), and Vice President of Transport at Ecopetrol (2 years). In Ecopetrol's Pipeline Unit, he held a number of posts, ranging from engineer to technical superintendent, working on the design and construction of oil and multi-purpose pipelines.

Mr. Fernando Gutierrez will assume his duties in the next few days.