VAM PTS Runs First VAM TOP CleanWell for BP in Oklahoma

VAM PTS announces the first USA running of the VAM TOP CleanWell™ connection in Oklahoma. A total of 93 joints of 5-1/2" 20# P-110 VAM TOP CleanWell™ were successfully run in BP's Music #2 Well in Red Oak, Oklahoma field. The pipes were delivered to the location ready to run with the CleanWell™ option, eliminating the need to clean and re-dope the connections at the rig site. The protectors were pulled and the connections were inspected and the pipe drifted on location. After inspection, the connections were blown clean with compressed air and the protectors were reinstalled. Standard connection make-up torques and running procedures were used including torque turn computer monitoring of all make-ups. There were no back-outs, rejects, or difficulties encountered with the running of the string.

CleanWell™ is an optional surface treatment applied to standard VAM TOP connections in carbon steel and 13Cr materials that eliminates the need for pipe dope and thread compounds. The product is applied in the threading operation and requires no further rig prepping prior to running. The CleanWell™ product is transparent and allows for visual inspection of the threaded connections prior to and during running in the field. It is also self-healing and water repellant. VAM TOP connections with the CleanWell™ option have been previously run in the North Sea and in Europe.

Advantages of CleanWell™ include cost savings due to not having to clean and prep connections in the pipe yard or on location, eliminating pipe dope contamination from the well and environment, and reducing disposal costs for used protectors. Other benefits are the ability to inspect each connection as it is run, safer operations, and simplified running.