Swaco Waste Handling System Successful on 115 Wells

Swaco has employed its unique CLEANCUT offshore waste handling system to collect more than 130,000 bbl of drilled cuttings from 115 wells worldwide.

Since its introduction, the system has been used successfully to collect and transport drilled wastes generated from wells in the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, the Caspian Sea, offshore Russia, the Gulf of Mexico and Nigeria.

M-I acquired UK-based CleanCut Technologies in November after serving as the exclusive worldwide distributor of its patented waste collection and transportation system since 2000. The totally enclosed pneumatic system is used to collect and transport drill cuttings from offshore rigs and platforms to onshore treatment and disposal facilities. Compared to the typical "skip and ship" approach, the system offers a safer and more environmentally acceptable method of collecting, storing and transporting drill wastes.

"The CLEANCUT system has most definitely developed into an integral component of our comprehensive range of value-added waste management services. This system gives our customers a viable and field-proven method of addressing the economic, environmental and safety aspects of handling oil-base drill cuttings. As this system dramatically reduces the number of potentially hazardous crane lifts, its benefit from a safety standpoint cannot be overstated," said Larry Barker, senior vice president of Drilling Waste Management for M-I SWACO.

Based in Houston, TX, M-I, which is jointly owned 60% by Smith International, Inc. and 40% by Schlumberger Limited, is a leading supplier of drilling and completion fluid products/systems, services and equipment to the worldwide petroleum industry. SWACO is the world's leading provider of pressure control, solids control, rig instrumentation and waste management equipment and services for the worldwide petroleum drilling industry.