Fraccing Ops Delayed at Samson O&G ND Wells

Samson O&G provided an operational update for its operations.

North Platte 3-D Seismic Survey, Goshen County, Wyoming

Acquisition of Samson's North Platte proprietary 3-D seismic survey commenced November 19th near the town of Lingle in Goshen County, WY. As of this date, approximately 6 square miles of data has been shot and recorded. The 3-D seismic survey will eventually cover approximately 60 square miles and will allow Samson to identify fractures within the Niobrara Formation, as well as detect conventional type prospects in the Cretaceous Codell, Muddy, Dakota, and Pennsylvanian Des Moines sandstones. The 3-D seismic survey will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.

Rodney #1-14H (27% working interest) and Earl #1-13H (32% working interest), Williams County, North Dakota

Samson has been notified that the frac jobs for the Rodney #1-14H and Earl #1-13H wells have been delayed due to the scarcity of available frac crews. The operator is attempting to source a dedicated frac crew to be placed on a shared (50%) 12 month contract. This kind of arrangement may be put in place sometime in December, which should allow the backlog of frac jobs to be removed.

The Rodney #1-14H and Earl #1-13H wells are located in Township 154N, Range 99W, Sections 14 and 13 in Williams County, North Dakota. These are Samson's fourth and fifth Bakken wells that have been drilled in the North Stockyard Field near Williston, North Dakota.

Diamondback #1 well (100% working interest), Jefferson County, Texas

The drilling of the Diamondback #1 well in Jefferson County, Texas, planned for November, has been delayed due to title issues that were discovered after obtaining a title opinion on the drillsite tract. Once these title issues are resolved, the well will most likely be drilled in the first or second quarter of next year. The Diamondback #1 well will test a class III amplitude anomaly in the prolific Oligocene Frio reservoir of the Gulf Coast Basin.