Pertra Completes Appraisal Well 15/12-14

Pertra has completed drilling of appraisal well 15/12-14 in production license 038 offshore Norway. The purpose of the well was to uncover additional resources in late Jurassic sandstone in a segment in the western part of the Varg field. A total of 78 meters of oil-bearing late Jurassic sandstone layers was proven. Core samples have been taken from the reservoir, and pressure sensors will be installed in the well to obtain information on further reserves in the area.

The result of the drilling means that the well is immediately converted to a production well, and oil production from the well is expected to start in the middle of January. The well will be re-classified as development well 15/12 - A-12 A. The production on the Varg field is now 1800 Sm3/day.

Water depth at the well location is 87 meters. The well was drilled to a total length of 3254 meters and concluded in early Jurassic sediments. The drilling was carried out by the drilling installation "Maersk Giant", which now continues drilling further production wells for Pertra on the Varg field.