Petrobras Hits Oil Pay at Maruja Well; Karoon to Farm In

Petrobras has confirmed the presence of light oil in well 1-BRSA-870-SPS (1-SPS-76), located to the south of Santos Basin, in sandstone reservoirs, similar to those found in the accumulations of Tiro and Sidon. The discovery is located approximately 15 km from the Tiro and Sidon area.

The well is situated in block S-M-1352 of the BM-S-41 Concession, where Petrobras holds 100 percent interest. ANP is analyzing the transfer of 20 percent of the participation interest of the concession to Karoon Petroleum and Gas.

The Maruja well is located about 280 kilometers off the coast of the State of Sao Paulo, in a water depth of 400m. The reservoirs were found at a depth of 2,200 meters. The well continues to be drilled with the aim of researching other deeper objectives, still in the post-salt section.

This discovery confirms the success of the exploratory strategy in the search for the formation of a new production hub in the southeastern part of Santos Basin which may be integrated by a series of already discovered fields, such as Caravela, Cavalo Marinho, Coral and Tiro-Sidon, as well as others to be discovered or in evaluation process, such as that of well 1-BRSA-870-SPS in the Maruja prospect.