Vanoil To Receive Equipment for Lake Kivu Survey

Vanoil Energy is pleased to announce that the equipment has been mobilized and the team headed by Christopher A. Scholz Professor of Earth Sciences from Syracuse University of New York have arrived in Rwanda to commence and conduct a 300 km High Resolution Low Impact seismic and magnetic survey on Lake Kivu, Rwanda.

The planned High-Resolution seismic reflection survey program is scheduled to commence Mid-November 2010.

The new survey is the fourth part of an Environment Impact Assessment ("EIA") survey undertaken by Vanoil this year in Rwanda. The results of the first part of the EIA supported the view that the well known methane gas of Lake Kivu has a mixed biogenic and thermogenic origin following the laboratory work conducted by GH Geuchem Laboratory UK.

The objective of the second part of the EIA program was to determine by laboratory modeling the energy required to excite dissolved gases from Lake Kivu waters at the physics lab at the University of Houston. Further, tests performed at the petrochemical laboratory at University of Houston has revealed hydrocarbons dissolved in water with heavier molecular signature than the light Nigerian Crude. The third part of the EIA program was the determination of an optimal seismic source from a safety perspective; this analysis was conducted at the facilities of Allied laboratories Houston.

Preliminary results indicate that seismic sources for both the high resolution survey in November and the planned 2011-2012 seismic survey induces very small vibrations that are unlikely to trigger a limnic eruption of the lake, which has been subjected to bigger to vibrations from earthquakes, tremors, and storms without release of dissolved lake gases. Field tests will be conducted in future to confirm laboratory findings.

Vanoil holds a technical evaluation agreement and has a first right to negotiate a production sharing contract on the 1,631 sq km oil and gas concession in the northwestern part of Rwanda better known as the East Kivu Graben.

The Kivu Graben area is part of the great East African Rift System and is approximately 90 kilometers wide and 200 kilometers long.

The Graben straddles both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and may be linked to the Albertine Graben in Uganda where major oil discoveries have been made by Tullow Oil and Heritage Oil.