Superior Completion Services Completes 1st Multi-Zone Single Trip

Superior Completion Services, a division of Superior Energy Services, has recently completed its first Multi-Zone Single Trip (MST) installation and hit several other milestones along the way.

The installation was performed in the Gulf of Mexico on a dual producer completion project. The well completion program involved four (4) different intervals with an isolation packer assembly in a larger casing size. This assembly made for the most intervals and the longest MST assembly installed in 7" casing to date. It also made for the first system to use a tapered service string for 9-5/8" and 7" casing.

The MST technology is predicated on saving rig time which was realized by the operator on this project. The perforating and sand control operations on the four zones were completed in about four days, cutting in half the time these operations would have taken using typical stacked completion techniques. Sand control treatments were pumped on the four completion intervals in 27 hours. In addition, the MST system allows each zone to be tested individually. The well will produce the lower two zones as the long string and the upper two zones as the short string of a dual completion.

"The results of this project are encouraging for the new Completion Services Division," said Ed Smith, Vice President of Superior Completion Services. "Our plan for this division is to expand these product and service offerings across Superior's growing international footprint, and noteworthy results such as these are a giant step in the right direction."