Halliburton Acquires Global License for Thermatek

Halliburton Energy Services has acquired the global license for the provision of Thermatek ™ technology.

"Operators who are challenged on a daily basis with maximizing revenue from an asset while minimizing costs are finding Thermatek technology very beneficial," said John Warren, Halliburton's commercialization manager for Conformance.

Thermatek technology has been used effectively in the North Sea and Middle East by multiple operators to provide cost-effective control of unwanted water and gas production. The service to operators in the North Sea and Middle East, specifically the United Kingdom and Oman, will continue with no interruption. Thermatek service will become available in other regions, including North America, through a staged rollout of a global supply and support system.

Water influx into producing wells is frequently a major and expensive headache for oil and gas producers. In many cases, it can render a well uneconomic to produce due to high lifting, surface treatment and disposal costs. Thermatek service can provide an effective solution by reducing produced water costs resulting in improved field life economics and environmental performance.

Formulated from a number of proprietary materials, Thermatek agent is engineered to remain a low viscosity fluid during placement. The material is pumped into the water producing zone where it sets rapidly at a given formation temperature. The transition from fluid to solid state is virtually instantaneous; however, the length of time it remains fluid at the threshold temperature can be controlled from as little as 2 minutes to over 45 minutes with the addition of a proprietary accelerators and inhibitors. Once it sets, the Thermatek material can achieve a compressive strength of up to 7,000 psi.

One of the major advantages of Thermatek technology is that the material is totally soluble in hydrochloric acid. The non-invasive nature of the compound helps keep it in the immediate wellbore area, resulting in virtually 100 per cent regained permeability.

"Acquisition of this license and global support of Thermatek is the result of Halliburton's continuing commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions to our global customers," added Jim Prestidge, Halliburton's vice president of Production Enhancement.