Sterling Shuffles Management

Sterling announced the following board and management appointment effective Nov. 9. 

Mr. Angus MacAskill has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and a director of Sterling; Alastair Beardsall who has been undertaking the role of CEO will continue to be Sterling's Executive Chairman and will reduce his working time commitment accordingly. 

Mr. MacAskill graduated from Edinburgh University in 1981 with a B.Sc. Degree in Physics. Later the same year he started his oil industry career with Schlumberger, working on an international assignment for 5 years. He then returned to full time education and graduated from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, in 1987 with an M.Eng. Degree in Petroleum Engineering. 

In 1987, Angus joined Mobil Oil and completed10 years of employment with the company. During his time with Mobil, Angus also continued his professional development and in 1996 graduated with an M.B.A. from Aberdeen University. 

Angus joined Enterprise Oil in 1997 and, during his 5 years there, rose to the position of Vice President for Business Development (USA). In 2002, Shell acquired Enterprise Oil and Angus elected to leave and return to UK where he was appointed Vice President with Waterous & Co. In 2004, Angus was appointed an executive director of Elixir Petroleum. 

Angus joined Emerald Energy in 2006 as Chief Operating Officer and in December of that year was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Alastair Beardsall, Sterling's Chairman commented, "I am very pleased to welcome Angus as a member of the board and as our CEO. Angus and I have worked together previously and I look forward to the addition of his broad oil and gas experience, excellent business skills, and clear focused leadership that will strengthen our ability to manage our existing exploration portfolio and identify new venture opportunities."