Varel Acquires Renegade's Rotary Percussion System

Varel International has signed a letter of intent to acquire the Rotary Percussion System (RPS) product line and assets of Renegade Drilling Tools, LLC. This product line will complement the already robust suite of tools Varel supplies to the mining and industrial drilling market.

Under development since 2005, the RPS system is designed to be used with traditional rotary drill bits in air, mist or foam fluid applications. The system imparts a low force increment of axial impact to the drill bit to enhance rock drilling and increase the rate of penetration of the bit through the rock.

Varel International President and CEO Jim Nixon said he looks forward to the integration of the technology into Varel and the added value it will provide to the companys customers. We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the innovative developers at Renegade Tools for this technology. In evaluation field testing with the RPS system we have seen the potential for significant drilling efficiency improvements for our customers in blast hole mining applications, Nixon said.

He added, The system is especially attractive on operations with lower air flow rates or limited bit weight. We envision the potential for applications in other markets including water well, construction and air drilling for oil and gas. The RPS system will complement Varels market leading mining roller cone drill bits and fit in well with our global distribution and service network.

Renegade Drilling Tools is a private drilling technology development enterprise based in Austin, Texas. The company focuses on providing solutions to the mining industry through their expertise in impact hammer development.