Qatar Petroleum To Utilize Exxon Mobil’s AGC-21 Technology

Qatar Petroleum and Exxon Mobil Corporation announced that they have signed a Letter of Intent to conduct a technical feasibility study for a world-scale Gas-to-Liquids plant in Qatar. The intent of the study is to provide Qatar Petroleum with information on how Exxon Mobil’s proprietary AGC-21 technology can be most effectively used in a GTL plant. The study will also identify and determine potential synergy opportunities with other projects and infrastructure in Qatar. The proposed GTL plant would convert gas from the North Field into high quality liquids products such as low sulfur diesel fuel, naphtha and lubricant basestocks for export to world markets.

AGC-21 is a proprietary ExxonMobil technology for converting natural gas into high-quality transportation fuels, lubricant basestocks and petrochemical feedstocks. It was developed through a 15+ year ($400+ million) research program conducted by ExxonMobil. This technology is covered by more than 2,300 issued or pending patents worldwide.